Native Voice One Programs – Week of February 27, 2023


Program Descriptions for the Week of February 27, 2023

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Native America Calling

From Studio 49 in Albuquerque

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Hosted by Shawn Spruce (Laguna Pueblo)

Live Monday – Friday, 1-2pm Eastern

To participate call 1-800-99-NATIV


Native America Calling is a live call-in program linking public radio stations, the Internet and listeners together in a thought-provoking national conversation about issues specific to Native communities. Each program engages noted guests and experts with callers throughout the United States and is designed to improve the quality of life for Native Americans. Native America Calling is heard on 86 public, community and tribal radio stations in the United States and in Canada. Our program is a production of Koahnic Broadcast Corporation, a Native-operated media center in Anchorage, Alaska.


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Word with a Champ
Hosted by Cherokee Cowboy Randy Taylor


The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association hosts the Miss Rodeo America Pageant, Micah Barnes Miss Rodeo Iowa is certainly a forerunner for the 2024 crown. Her standard of excellence represents a western way of life and her family traditions are almost unmatched in the history of the sport of rodeo. 


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and by @wranglerjeans 


Long live cowgirls!

Dustin Harder Soul Prairie

(Blues, Rock)



Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K, this week we welcome back from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Singer, songwriter and Entrepreneur. Dustin Harder Prairie Soul is in the house. He has new music out, fresh off the press, visit us on our music page at to read all about him. Along with the radio premier with Geronimo Paulette and his new tune “Spirit World.”


Enjoy music from Dustin Harder Prairie Sou,l Mike Bern, Ailaika, Elastic Bond, The Sober Junkie, Irv Lyons Jr. Qacung, Airjazz, Mike Paul, Latin Vibe, Adrian Sutherland, MATCITIM, The Northstars, Geronimo Paulette, Kevin Talley, Aysanabee, Blackbird, Dan L’initie’, Gator Beaulieu, Digging Roots, Novalima, Zeb Ozomatli, Slightly Stupid, Mariame, Lacey Hill, Angel Baribeau, Doctor Nativo, Celeigh Cardinal, The Deeds, Patti Lamoureux and much much more.


Visit us on our music page at and find our all about us and our programs along with our archives of music and our SAY Magazine Library with all our featured guests.

Rosanna Deerchild (Cree)

Alex Harris. Drone shot of SISCENEM, the island that will be transferred via land trust to the WSANEC Leadership Council.

Got Land Back


Got land you want to give back? That may be harder than you think. Even when a group or individual is ready and willing to give land back to First Nations, there is no system in place to make this happen easily. Still, those who believe in land back are making it happen.


SISCENEM, formerly Halibut Island, is a small island in the Salish Sea. When it went up for sale, Tara Martin, professor in conservation science in the department of Forest and Conservation sciences at UBC, wanted to return the island to the WSANEC Nation. She says that their guardianship is how this ecological gem would flourish. She found a funder, purchased the land, had it held in trust, and now that the WSANEC Nation has created its own land trust, it officially can have the land transferred over.


If you got land – and want to return or gift it to a local First Nation or Indigenous group, how do you go about it? Lorraine Land, a lawyer who specializes in Indigenous rights and environmental law, knows the barriers in Canadian law that complicate the land back process. She outlines the existing ways land can be given back.


Jarrett Martineau (nêhiyaw/Denesuline)

The Ways


As the great Indigenous author, poet, musician, political activist and actor John Trudell said in the movie ‘Smoke Signals’: “it’s a good day to be Indigenous”. Moreover, it’s a great time to be Indigenous and there are so many ways to be! For instance, take a moment and think of the Indigenous communities and nations where you live. Do you know whose land it is? What languages they speak? This week, Reclaimed is celebrating all the good ways of Indigenous peoples. There’s as much diversity in Indigenous people as there are changes in the land and landscape around you. And the more you travel through Indigenous lands is the more you realize how beautiful and multifaceted that diversity is — Join host Jarrett Martineau as he honours the many ways of being Indigenous in the world. A little bit of powwow, folk and Indigenous versions of country ballads… all different ways of sharing Indigenous teachings for all phases of life.

Dr. David DeRose


Title: “FAST 8 – Part 4”


Description: Dr. DeRose offers special help to those who deal with addictions or struggle with their consumption of salty foods and sweets. This is the audio version of the fourth episode of Dr. DeRose’s new FAST 8 weight optimization program.


Don’t miss the video version with special features at:


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Begin Air Date: Monday, February 27, 2023


Episode Title: AIL 02-27-2023; PRSS Episode 660; on NV1 FTP site as “AIL_022723.mp3” and mp2; On Soundcloud as: “FAST 8 – Part 4 with David DeRose, MD, MPH”



Hosted by Brett Maybee (Seneca)

Cliff Cardinal– Cree/Metis, son of legendary actor/activist Tantoo Cardinal was born on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Growing up mostly in Ontario he was drawn to the theatre at a young age. Known for his “black humor and compassionate poeticism” he’s won multiple awards for his solo theatre productions. His one man show, Huff, has been performed over 200 times. The Guardian Observer has called that production a “hard hitting tour de force.” Known for his black humor and compassionate poeticism, he combines his signature wit and catchy riffs with his ban, The Sky-Larks. This week, Cliff joins me to discuss the bands latest release, Suicidal Valentine (October 2022). Enjoy!






01 Cliff Cardinal & The Sky Larks- Your Dress

02 Cliff Cardinal & The Sky Larks- Supersonic Velocity

03 Special McKinley- Fifty Shaded Blur- 

04 Chris Derkson- Mozarts Ghost

05 Cliff Cardinal & the Sky Larks- Suicidal Valentine

06 Digging Roots- AK47

07 Sihasin- We the People

08 Tara Williamson- Neon

09 Cliff Cardinal & the Sky Larks- Unhappy Life

10 The Ollivanders- The Shade

11 Ya Tseen- Get Yourself Together


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The Spiritual Edge: Sacred Steps Series

Stories of struggle and never giving up hope

The Spiritual Edge’s Sacred Steps Series explores the shifting landscape of religion and spirituality. Hear stories of people and communities who balance a commitment to long-held beliefs with an active modern life.


The series totals two seasons with 9 episodes each that are 20-30 minutes in length.


NV1 will also provide the Indigenous episodes, “Calling on Ancient Maya Wisdom to Heal Guatemalan Widows,” and “Fighting for What’s Sacred in ANWR,” as two stand-alone specials.


Season 1 Episodes:

Season 2 Episodes:


Spiritual Edge Series: Season 1


Spiritual Edge Series: Season 2


Spiritual Edge Indigenous Series


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Indigenous YOUth Nation is a 29 min episode that works to “Celebrate Culture”, “Empower Youth,” “Nourish Knowledge,” “Inspire Intergenerational Dialogue,” and build strong roots for our future generations.


Made by and for tweens and teens.


Program length: 29:00





PRSS ContentDepot: Indigenous YOUth Nation




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LISTEN to Sample

Native American students are just a tiny fraction of all the college students in the United States. They come with different histories, confronting an education system once used to erase their languages and cultures. In this project, four Indigenous college students tell how they are using higher education to strengthen ties to their Native roots and support their people.


Program length: 59:00 with news hole or 53:00 without


Stations may fill news hole with National Native News. Request below for access if needed.


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PRSS ContentDepot: Standing in Two Worlds – NV1


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Weekly Programs
A thoughtful yet playful free form music mix of rock, folk, blues, reggae, dub, electronica, hip-hop, world and roots music, and an excellent selection of contemporary Native artists. Hosted by Gregg McVicar (Tlingit), 4 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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National Native News is a weekday, five-minute radio newscast, anchored by Antonia Gonzales (Navajo). NNN is produced in Albuquerque, NM. It is a headline radio news service dedicated to Native American issues and events that compiles spot news reports from around the country. NNN is the first Native-produced, Native radio newscast that is distributed nationally. National Native News provides the nation with Native news and information.
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A weekly one-hour eclectic blend of modern Indigenous music with new and trending artist, that honors the past with tracks that have shaped what we hear today, hosted by Alexis Sallee (INUPIAQ/ MEXICAN AMERICAN.) 
Soul Deluxe
From the studios of Radio Phoenix in Arizona, DJ Byron Fenix (Navajo/Hopi) satiates the musical taste buds of listeners with an eclectic entrée of electronic, disco, funk, hip-hop, house, jazz, and r&b that will keep listeners ears glued to their radios.
Soul Deluxe is available as two consecutive hours weekly, or as two separate one-hour weekly programs.
Native Voice One Programs – Week of February 27, 2023

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