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Indigenous in Music and Arts Shirt Shack

Visit our new Indigenous in Music Artist Sponsored Shirt Shack and purchase your Indigenous in Music Limited Edition T-shirt.   Join our Musicians.  Your purchase of a T-shirt helps support our Indigenous in Music Mission and Goals. 

There are many things in our lives that we buy often that we don’t understand the social impact behind those purchases. T-shirts are something we all buy for ourselves and one of the most given gifts for holidays and birthdays. Now when you buy one of our awesome t-shirts, your purchase will be going to a great cause.

The next time a friend or family members birthday comes up think about getting them an awesome t-shirt with a cause.  Indigenous in Music T-shirt apparel available in assorted colors and styles.  A fresh new line of apparel from us!

The Indigenous in Music Radio Show mission is to: develop, organize, promote and administer a comprehensive, coordinated music program. Provide music and entertainment for the general public.

Our Goal
Is to develop and market our show to the radio stations across the states and Canada. We will provide music, and interviews to the general public. We will promote our indigenous musicians and entertainers. Both a host and producer, Larry values the diversity of cultural expression and traditions, fosters the preservation and advancement of diverse musical genres, creates a sense of welcoming and belonging, enhances the enjoyment of life, and celebrates community with great programming.

Unisex Tee              $23.00
Girl Tee                      23.00
Kid Tee                      23.00
Long Sleeve Tee      23.00
Hoodie                      30.00
Sweat Shirt              30.00
Unisex Tank             23.00


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