Shiela Van Houten

Sheila Van Houten

Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Nation
Website:  SheilaKnows.Com

Artist’s Statement

Totally untrained abstract artist Sheila Van Houten is a direct descendent of Chief Gabriele Renville of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Nation, Lake Traverse Reservation.  She credits her unusual abstract paintings to her Native-American heritage.

It is a gift that almost died with her when SHE almost died of deadly septic pneumonia in 2002.  Fortunately, Sheila made a miraculous last-minute turn around and came back to life with her beloved husband, Brian, at her side.  In fact, it was Dean Martin’s song, “Return to Me” that Brian sang to her at her bedside in the hospital.

She returned, and they are currently in their 33rd year of a beautiful marriage.  Sheila began her own business in 1979 in the midst of a major recession, at a time when there were no personal computers and no internet.  She never looked back.  Life has always been about service to her, and she has helped thousands achieve their best careers and happiest lifestyles with her training and coaching skills and self-learning programs.
Today, 40 years later, at the age of 75, Sheila is in her ninth year of a very surprising second career as a talented abstract artist!  Sheila is totally untrained.  In 2010, a friend gave her canvases, brushes, and acrylics and told her she should be painting.  She thanked him and set them aside.  Her husband bought her a lovely artist’s table, all glass and wood and shiny.  She thanked him, and let it sit.

Then, one mystical morning in May, 2011, at the  age of 67, Sheila got out of bed and went directly to her art studio. She seized a canvas, a brush, some paint, and began, thus starting an entirely new chapter in her life and career!  Sheila’s painting style is totally Spirit directed because she has no training and no particular intention when she creates. As a result, watching paint dry is a true adventure!  Sheila’s paintings are far from ordinary!  As the paint dries, faces of people and animals magically appear! The faces are so clear, and so expressive!

This “Warrior” painting, for instance, was part of a much larger painting and is absolutely exquisite in its expressiveness and detail. Clearly, this painting is an expression from Sheila’s Native-American ancestry.  It is her favorite of over 150 paintings to date (2019).

She calls these faces “spontaneous images”because she did not draw them. They are all Spirit-directed. People with Alzheimers are among those who react very dramatically to Sheila’s paintings. They become communicative, alert, animated, and often even very creative as they point to what they see in the paintings.  Today, Sheila’s paintings are in 22 countries and 23 (United) states helping uplift and encourage people of all ages and all conditions.  Sheila’s Native-American lineage is richly brought forward in her paintings for all to enjoy. Sheila Van Houten at 75, 2019.
Career Summary
Self-employed since 1979. 40 years as an expert coach, trainer, published author.  Ten years as a Trainer in Human Resources, University of Minnesota Talented, totally untrained abstract artist since 2011.  Created a highly successful, comprehensive life/career skills self-study program to guide people into their best careers and happiest lifestyles. Gifted this program to U.S. Troops and their families. It is now available to all Indigenous Tribes as a gift from the heart. Proven results for teens through retired adults. Great
for families and home schoolers.
Education Summary
  • Licensed and ordained Interfaith Minister
  • PhD in Spiritual Counseling
  • Doctor of Divinity in Advanced Energy Medicine
  • Completed Masters program in Adult Education
  • BA in English
  • Published author with four books on Amazon.Com:

    1. See yourself in a New Light Manifesting Romance: Happily Ever Laughter
    2. True Ghosts: 22 True Ghost Stories The Little Stray Kitty from New York City
    3.  Lineage: Direct descendent of Chief Gabriel Renville, Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Nation of Lake Traverse Reservation.
    4.  Honored with asacred Native-American name bestowed bya member of the Chippewa Tribeduring a sacred pipe ceremony.

Contact Sheila directly at 612-866-1269.
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