Two Buffalo Studios, Sarasota, Florida

Two Buffalo Studios Virtual Gallery 2020 Show Dates includes feature in the SAY Magazines new “Art Feature”
Show Dates (dates subject to change)

Oct 4 to Jan 1

2020 Show Dates
Jan 3 – Mar 29
May 1 – July 26
Aug 21 – Nov 8

Showcasing traditional and contemporary Indigenous Art

Indigenous in Music and Arts (IIMA) is seeking Indigenous  artists to exhibit in our on-line Virtual Gallery.  Three artists will be selected to have a solo exhibition of 10-30 pieces for a 12-week period to both show and sell their artwork.

Our Virtual Gallery is the first venture for us as we move forward to open our actual “Two Buffalo Studios’” in Sarasota.  A space to be visited by Florida locals and visitors.

Our virtual gallery will be visited by our on-line visitors.  The gallery showcases living Indigeinous artist’s current work, including both traditional and contemporary mediums and styles, ideally drawing connections between our cultures’ history and our continuous evolution into the future.

This online Virtual Gallery is designed not only to create opportunities for Indigenous artists to showcase their unique work, but to provide a market in support of the artist.  The IIMA will hold a 33% commission of all pieces sold during the show (this includes if any and all shipping costs).  This commission will be used by the IIMA fund and perpetuate the program for future artists. The remaining 67% will be distributed to the artist as items are sold.   If desired, the artist may also work with us to produce print-on-demand merchandise to sell online in conjunction with their show. Merchandising agreements will be made between IIMA and the Artist case by case. 


  • Work of all mediums may be submitted.
  • Artist must meet requirements of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990.
  • There is no fee to apply.

Submission Requirements

  • Artist Biography – up to 200 words.
  • Artist Statement – up to 500 words.
  • (4–5) High-resolution photos or videos of work to be exhibited.
  • Images can be emailed to larry@indianinmusic.com or burned onto a CD and mailed to IIMA (CD will not be
  • CDs must be labeled (with a permanent marker): Artist Name, Date, Tribe, and Medium

Deadlines for 2020 Shows

Notification of Acceptance:

December 2019 Mail-in submissions must be postmarked by November 30.

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for future shows past deadline date.
  • Applications will be reviewed for the following year.

Evaluation Criteria:

The following are guidelines used by committee members in the selection process. The judging criteria fall into two sections that will generate the overall score.

  • 50% | Artist’s Statement — A well-written statement linking your work directly to the Indigenous cultural experience and/or relevance.
    • This statement must outline how your work submitted relates to Indigenous Culture.
    • How does your proposed work support IIMAs Mission: “To develop and promote, indigenous artist and musical entertainers, while also providing entertainment to the general public.
    • To preserve and perpetual the Indigenous culture, and to advance understanding by presenting with dignity and respect the accomplishments and evolving history of the Indigenous Culture
    • 50% | Creativity/Quality — Skilled use of design elements and how they relate to themes and subject matter.
    • Use of techniques and medium.

Accepted Artists:

If selected to exhibit in our Virtual Gallery, the following is a list of what can be expected between the IIMA and the selected artist.

The Indigenous in Music and Arts will provide:

  • Collaboration on curation and installation.
  • Marketing and promotions for the exhibit.
  • Collaboration opportunity with IIMA to produce and sell merchandise.
  • Announcements on our radio program.

The Artist Will Provide:

  • Artist bio, statement, 4 high-def photos of the artwork that can be used for the SAY Magazine, and art photos for the online exhibit, invitations, and marketing content.
  • Picture name, medium, width/length sizes, and prices.
  • Communication with IIMA staff on installations.

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