Indigenous Mentor and Leadership Network

Boozhoo, A’ho…..Do you produce Learning videos for our Indigenous family? Please share them with the rest of us on our new channel, please visit, subscribe to our YouTube channel at You can send us your video link or upload your video to this link and we will post it on our channel for you, let us know what categories you want.

Plus right now we need 100 of you to subscribe so we can get our URL from YouTube, so we really need you to help us out………We are the 1st of it’s kind just for us. This is where we make our family connections. Together we will build a site to showcase and demonstrate our family traditions we don’t want to see forgotten…….

Mentoring offers a great opportunity to develop skills, share knowledge, encourage the formation of networks, and work together towards future goals. Your involvement in this initiative will enhance your understanding of your own professional and cultural identity, as well as the cultural differences of others. Whether you’re a Mentor or Mentee, this is your chance to inspire, empower and challenge others.

Indigenous Mentor and Leadership Network is dedicated to celebrating the Indigenous in cultural arts and working to develop the educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement of indigenous communities and individuals who share these values.

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